Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome to my new hobby.


There are a few seemingly random occurrences that lead me to decide to take on this project.

I read my horoscope this morning, and it said something to the effect of, "You will be consumed with a new project." I blew it off. I went on with my work day.

Unfortunately, work was kind of dissapointing, and it is my 32nd birthday tomorrow. I was kind of down about those two things, and to cheer myself up, I decided to have a look in some boxes my mom had dropped off when she visited last week. I was thinking a good trip down memory lane would help me.

The boxes had been in her garage for years. Even if she moved, the boxes would simply be picked up and placed in a new garage. They sat unopened for decades.

Mom is retiring this year and decided to clean out everything. She cracked open one of the boxes and decided the contents belonged to my father (to whom she divorced) or his father. She packed them up and took them to me.

To my delight, I found boxes of hundreds of clippings, booklets, and instructions to old magic tricks. Some of these are over 50 years old.

I love ephemera, and I know others do as well. I decided that I will scan & post one of the pages every day. I want to share these in hopes that I can also learn more about them. Any insight anyone can give me would be awesome, but if not, I hope you enjoy them for their vintage goodness.

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  1. Wow, Natalie, what a treasure this is!! Thanks for sharing your amazing find with us.