Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thayer Advertisement


Via Magicpedia:

Thayer Magic Company was founded by Floyd G. Thayer in 1907 and made magical apparatus into the 1930's. The Thayer slogan was "Quality Magic".

Thayer started his Thayer Magic Co. making wands and advertised first in Mahatma as The Wand of The West. Ellis Stanyon was reported to have been his first customer.

The Thayers opened to the public their new home in western Los Angeles, named "Brookledge", in 1933. It included a Studio-theater.

In 1942, the William Larsen Sr. purchased Floyd Thayer’s Magic Company.

The Magic Castle has more on William Larsen Sr.:
During World War Two travel was restricted so Bill Larsen Sr., bought the Thayer Magic Company and operated the Thayer Studio of Magic in the Wilshire area of Los Angeles. In the April 1951 issue of Genii Larsen announced the formation of the Academy of Magic Arts and Sciences. All subscribers to the magazine became instant members and he made it very clear that the Academy would be an organization the advance the art of magic in America and to bring recognition to the magicians of the world. Over the next three years the Academy awarded fellowships and bestowed various awards. Bill Larsen Sr. passed away at the age of 48 in 1955.
You can read their entire article here.

"The Candle That Was" caught my attention. I didn't see any candles in the boxes, but should I decide to expand this collection even further, that trick would be something to look for.

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